About Mary's Haiga

Our mission is to celebrate and share a beautiful art from, haiga.

Mary’s unique Ogham Haiga combines imagery from the ogham alphabet of Celtic Druids with the haiku poem form of the Japanese Masters. Though very new, Mary’s work beautifully evokes the ancient.

As were our ancestors, we too are enthralled by the trees, plant life, sea life and the myriad of living creatures with whom we share the earth.

Using pencilled sketching, woodchip paper, a staining and burning of edges, uniquely composed haiku poems and calligraphy pens, Mary’s Haiga creates a new and subtle art form.

Through the process of creating and developing Mary’s Haiga, we have learned to reappreciate and reconnect with our natural environment. It may help you do the same.

Mary’s Haiga may serve you and those around you as a gentle reminder that we live in a very beautiful world.

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