Emerging from Lock Down

It was not at all my conscious intention to create a new haiga series during those quiet days of March, April, May and June when I, like everyone else, took strolls within the 2 km and later 5 km range of my home. A reflective mode seemed to switch itself into motion, fragments of poetry came slowly, played a while and formed themselves around the wildflowers which I had collected here in County Kerry. There seemed to be all the time in the world to script in calligraphy.
When Maire Logue, the artistic Director at St John’s Theatre & Arts Centre in Listowel, Co Kerry asked if she could come visit the room in Tarbert where I had created and hung them, little did I think she would be so charmed by the style of haiga I had created.
In no time, Martin Cleary had digitised the work and Paul Shannon had produced the art print formats. Jimmy Deenihan kindly and readily agreed to launch the exhibition series at St John’s in a Covid safe environment.
Blessed to be surrounded by energising and positive persons, I am very pleased to invite you to come along and see the haiga series that I am about to hang on the old, beautiful walls of St John’s today.
The formal launch, with wine/water/refreshments takes place on Friday 31st, 7 pm to 9 pm and the exhibition runs for the month of August.

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  1. Congratulations and well done Mary on your new haiga series exhibition in St. Johns. I loved viewing your creative work and poetry with wildflowers both at your launch at St John’s Theatre & Arts Centre in Listowel and your local studio room at Ivy house in Tarbert. They are beautiful, when I was young I received a beautiful present of a flower press kit and books on wild flowers. I have fond memories from my youth at home on knockanore wildflower picking and flower pressing. Documenting our finds on many adventures and walks around the hill with my younger siblings and cousins. Your exhibition has inspired me and currently organising walks and more flower picking with my daughter, nieces and nephews. I would encourage anyone to take the time go along to St. Johns as it is a beautiful venue to view this New haiga series of wildflowers by Mary.

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