The Creative License by Danny Gregory

Do you know the book The Creative License’ written by Danny Gregory?

I picked it up in a charity shop basket in Limerick city early last year. It was about the same time, in January, as when a haiku/haibun/haiga 2 day workshop was getting underway, led by Roberta Beary and Mike Gallagher, at the Kerry Writers Museum In Listowel, Co Kerry.

Things come together sometimes, what is it they say, the energies of the world collide……

In that book, Danny Gregory asks us to ponder what would happen if we treated driving a car like we do the arts. He said we would simply assume, take it for granted, that people were born to be able to drive or not to be able to drive.

We’d then maybe watch and wait, wait and see if they had it in them to be able to drive.

He said we’d encourage the ones who showed promise, turn them into professionals and pay them huge amounts of money.

He said we would then tell everyone else to make sure to stay on the foot path, to keep off the road and to watch the amazing traffic!

Danny encourages his readers, me amongst them, to give themselves the chance, to try out the arts, to grant ourselves a clean slate and a license, to give it a go, a bash even, to step off the paths where we were just playing too safe.

Get it?

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